“Given the current state of the world I am updating my services to focus more on individuals seeking mentoring, coaching, or even just needing someone to hold space and listen.”

It is a “Crazy” time in our world right now, and there are a lot of unknowns. This can create fear and anxiety. There is also a serious lack of accountability, compassion, transparency, and love. More and more, people are moving through their lives in a less than conscious way. I believe that there is a direct connection to these events and opportunities for our future. If this resonates with you, let me help you take a deep look inside, from a place of experience, compassion and vulnerability.

Now is truly a time for listening; to your heart, to the oppressed, disenfranchised, and those of difference. Feelings of fear and not knowing can come up fast. I am here to listen, and to hold space for you as you navigate these historic times.

My Coaching and Consulting work is founded on the premise that change is inevitable and necessary. And while change can be difficult and often frightening, with a little guidance it can occur in a healthy positive manner.

As an “Agent of Change” I will work with you to discover those things that may be preventing you from being your best self, the person that you’ve always wanted to be. Whether you’re running old tapes over and over, dealing with shame or an addiction of any kind, I have the experience and training to help you dig in and find relief. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, it is probably time to take some action and embrace some positive change. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone!

Consider these questions:

Are you feeling fear and/or anxiety?
Do you feel like you have to do this alone?
Is your life currently functional or dysfunctional?
Do find it difficult to trust yourself or others?
Do you feel powerless or empowered?
Are you living your life at your full potential and from the place you’d like?
Are you excited, happy, fulfilled?

Would you like an honest appraisal of what things may look like from an outside perspective? 
Are you willing to be supported with bold, caring, innovative, and sometimes difficult direction for change?

My life experiences have brought me to this place. I am blessed with an ability to carefully listen, to effect change, ask the hard questions, take stock, and help you implement a new way of being. I will help you discover new concepts that are empowering, and will give you permission to become your best self!

At some point in our lives most of us have felt oppressed, not heard, not seen or appreciated. Often it’s because of historical and archaic forms of cultural coding and learning. Often these promote stories that we’ve made up. This can breed fear and a lack of consciousness. Let me help you shine a light on these experiences and show you how you can reframe them and learn a new way of being.

“The most important thing to me is to develop a relationships with you built on trust, honesty, vulnerability and care. If you feel like this is something you may be interested in, please go to my contact page and drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!”